About Us



Our Mission is...

To deliver AIDS prevention intervention with initiative care to target populations including prisoners, ex-offenders with drugs history and sex industry workers and clients. With the vision of employing health care as one of the multiple interventions on the risk taking lifestyle among them, they will receive more support to enhance their rehabilitation.

Our Development...

Since 2005, AIDS Trust Fund started sponsorship to Mercury lll.

  • 1

    Together We Care Hearts Behind Bars-Health Education Service for the inmates

  • 2

    The Hotspots Tracking-Health Education Service for the Drug Abusers

  • 3

    Prevention Education through Ethnicity Rapport (Project P.E.E.R- Health Education service for Non Ethnic Chinese community)

Our Service...

Outreaching education

Providing outreach-based preventive education and counseling service to inmates, substance abusers, sex industry workers and clients across ethnicities.

Educational talk

Conducting educational talks related to the topic of HIV/AIDS, STIs and viral Hepatitis in prison, Drug rehabilitation Centre, schools, Chinese and Non-ethnic Chinese communities.

Peer Educator Training

Mobilizing potential community members in particular populations, providing culturally-specific training to build up their capacity to promote healthy messages to the communities.

Counseling service

Providing individual counseling on safer sex and harm reduction behavior.

Medical Referral

Providing consultation service and medical treatment referral for sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis and HIV.

Voluntary Counseling and Testing Service

Provide Free, Confidential and Anonymous rapid testing service (HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C anti-body test as well as counseling service conducted by registered social worker.